Sunday, May 9, 2010

Week 13: The Windy City

No, not THAT Windy City, The one to which I refer is Wellington, capital of New Zealand.

I took a trip there last weekend to see Regina Spektor in concert, but before we got to that, I spent a couple of days just seeing the sights. I went with my friend Alana (a fellow AustraLearn student studying in Hamilton), and we stayed with her friend Carly, a Kiwi she had met at camp back in the States the summer before. It was wonderful having our very own tour guide to take us all around the beautiful city of Wellington. On Saturday, Carly took us on a little tour of downtown Wellington, after which we visited the Te Papa museum and took in some of the history and culture of New Zealand. It was a really cool museum, with an exhibit on marine life that I really loved. Afterward, Alana and I went to see the movie "Boy," a New Zealand film about a young Māori boy growing up in New Zealand. It was a very funny and well done film, and surprisingly, I got most of the humor (even though I was warned ahead of time that it might be too "kiwi" for me to understand).

The next day we went to the Wellington Zoo, and we had a blast! There were so many cool animals that I had never seen before, like kangaroos, emus, and dingoes. It was a load of fun, and a great way to spend the day. I definitely felt like a little kid again. :-)

After the zoo, we met up with my friend Colin (whom I spent a good potion of Fall break with on the South Island), and he took us up a big hill to see the "Trippy Tree." Now, I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical at first because Colin talked this tree up a lot. But when we got there, we discovered it really was as cool as he had claimed. The root structure of the tree was so strong that you could climb all the way up to the canopy and sit on top of the branches at the top. From that height, we could see all of Wellington, and it was a lovely sight indeed.

The following day, we headed to the cable car which took us up to the Carter Observatory, high above Wellington. We spent the day learning about space, and took in a very cool video presentation. That evening Alana and I went to the Wellington Opera House for the Regina Spektor Concert. She put on an excellent show, and I had a great time. Tuesday morning I took a 12 hour bus ride back to Auckland, and here I am!

More to come when I get out and do something worth writing about!

I love and miss you all,


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